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Annual Spring Sector Meeting of

CIOFF South European and African Sector

3-5 may 2013

Sabaudia, Italy




On 21 of March 2011, on the age of 86 passed away the Founder of CIOFF - Henry Coursaget.
A great person who always teaches us to be tolerant, respectful and to estimate the other. The world has lost a man of dignity who will always be an example for all of us.

He left this world but he will always stays in our hearts.

Rest in peace, Henri...

Activities * Folkloriads 


Like the Olympic Games, the CIOFF World Folkloriada is held every 4 years.
The aims of this World Festival are:
- bringing together people from cultures from all over the world
- promoting understanding and appreciation of each other’s cultures
- strengthening friendship and solidarity between people
- celebrating national cultural heritage of each participating Nation

First CIOFF World Folkloriada took place in Brunssum – Netherlands in 1996

Second CIOFF World Folkloriada took place in Japan in 2000.

Third CIOFF World Folkloriada took place in Hungary in August 2004.

Ensemble for authentic folklore “Gushantsi”, Zamfirovo

72 foreign groups and 67 Hungarian groups presented 228 performances in 11 Hungarian cities.

CIOFF world "Folkloriadas" are organized every 4 years.
National check-competition “World Folkloriada 2004”

One of the main aims of the National Section of CIOFF-Bulgaria /International Council of the Organizers of Festivals for Folklore and Traditional Arts at UNESCO/ is to assist of Bulgarian groups for their participation in international folklore festivals abroad. In the summer of the year 2004 was held the Third World Fokloriada of CIOFF, as the previous two world folkloriadas in 1996 in Belgium and  2000 in Japan established themseves as the greatest world forums for manifestation and meeting of friends of the folklore from all countries in the world.

Objectives of the national check-competition:
- determination of a representative of Bulgaria for participation in the Third World Folkloriada in 2004,
- examination of the achievements in the area of repertoire and performance as a base for selection of participants in International Folklore Festivals of CIOFF in the years 2003 and 2004.  
The implementation of the check-competition as an old tradition for creative performances enabled the NS of CIOFF to acquire an actual idea about the condition of the Bulgarian groups and ensembles for a prestigious international presentation.

Towns and dates of implementation

  • Veliko Tarnovo - 9-12 July, 2002 on the stage of the Fifth International Folklore Festival Veliko Tarnovo 2002,
  • Plovdiv - 3 August, 2002 on the stage of the Ninth International Folklore Festival Plovdiv 2002,
  •  Dobrich - 27 September, 2002 on the stage of Dramatic Theatre “Yordan Yovkov”,
  • Stara Zagora - 5-6 October, 2002 on the stage of the Syndical house of culture,
  • Berkovitsa - 12 October, 2002 on the stage of House of culture “Ivan Vazov”,
  •  Sofia - 26 October, 2002 on the stage of the Trade-union house of culture of the transport workers ( cinema “Osvobojdenie” ),
  • Razgrad - 16 November, 2002 in Dramatic theatre “Anton Strashimirov”,
  • Burgas - 6 December, 2002 on the stage of House of culture “Lukoil-Neftohim”,
  • Varna - 14-15 December, 2002 in the frameworks of the Christmas outdancing.


  • Ivan Todorov - chairman of the jury and president of the Organization of the choreographers in Bulgaria.
  •  prof. Todor Djidjev - President of the Union of the Bulgarian composers.
  • Agripina Vojnova - President of the Organization of the leaders of children folk groups, ensembles and formations.


  • Total number of participated folklore groups in all categories: 116
    Category for elaborated folklore: 83
  • until 14 years old: 22
  • over 14 years old: 61
    Category for authentic folklore: 15


Classification for the Final Competition “FOLKLORIADA 2004”

Elaborated folklore over 14 years old:

  • Folklore dance theatre “Nayden Kirov”, Ruse, Ivan Donev
  • Folklore dance ensemble “Balgarka”, Sliven, Slav Todorov
  • Nevrokopski ensemble for folklore dances and songs,Goce Delchev, Zapriu Ikonomov

Elaborated folklore until 14 years old:
1. Folklore dance studio “Dobrudja”, Dobrich, Stoyan Gospodinov
2. Children dance ensemble “Ludogorche”, Razgrad, Stefan Ivanov
3. Children folklore dance group “Balgarcheta”, Sofia, Emil Hristov

Authentic foklore:
1. Academic folklore ensemble “Manol Radichev”, Gela, Dr.Dimitar Gerdjikov
2. Ensemble for authentic folklore “Gushantsi”, Zamfirovo, Sevda Todorova and Mitko Ivanov
3. Ensemble “Bistritsa”, Bistritsa, Dina Koleva

1. Female folklore formation “Chemerika”, Sofia, Petar Matev




Spring meeting - Sector South Europe and Africa




37-th CIOFF World Congress



 The President of CIOFF Bulgaria Mr. Emil Pavlov receives the Flag of CIOFF from the President of South Africa Mr. Makhentule Pitje

  The President of CIOFF Bulgaria Mr. Emil Pavlov hands the Flag of CIOFF to Dr. Roumen Rashev - Major of V.Tarnovo for the 36-th Congress

  April 21, 2006 - The Visit of Secretary General of CIOFF - Philippe Beaussant in Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo for Control of the Organization of the 36-th World Congress in V.Tarnovo

  April 20, 2006 - Interview with Secretary General of CIOFF - Philippe Beaussant in Bulgarian National Radio. Guests in BNRadio - Philippe Beaussant, Stiliyana Yorgova and Tsveti Radeva

 Emil Pavlov the President of the Festival and Chairman of the Bulgarian National Section of CIOFF Bulgaria and  the Minister of Culture Prof. Stefan Danailov