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Annual Spring Sector Meeting of

CIOFF South European and African Sector

3-5 may 2013

Sabaudia, Italy




On 21 of March 2011, on the age of 86 passed away the Founder of CIOFF - Henry Coursaget.
A great person who always teaches us to be tolerant, respectful and to estimate the other. The world has lost a man of dignity who will always be an example for all of us.

He left this world but he will always stays in our hearts.

Rest in peace, Henri...

CIOFF Bulgaria * Commissions 


For the accomplishing of concrete activities of the Foundation are also organized help bodies called commissions. They are established and closed with a decision of the Executive board. The members of the commissions are appointed and dismissed by the Executive board. They are accountable to the Executive board and the President. They control and lead concrete activities from the activities of the NS. They sit at least once monthly.

Festival commission

  • nominates the folklore groups, which will participate in international folklore festivals abroad through the received invitations from CIOFF or other similar organizations, accordingly to the requirements of the festivals-organizers;
  • recommends international folklore ensembles and groups for participation in international folklore festivals in Bulgaria;
  • organizes and coordinates the implementation of national examinations for keeping up with the art and technical values of the folklore groups
  • works for popularization of  the Bulgarian folklore wealth.

Members: Daniela Koleva, Emil Pavlov, Ivan Donev, Ivan Todorov, Margarita Vidralska, Stiliyana Yorgova, Hristo Stoyanov, Yulian Stanev, Yancho Yanev.

Commission for PR and advertisement

  • realizes public relations, relations with the media and other agencies for popular informaton;
  • works for popularization of the activity and raising up the authority of the National Section in the public space and in front of the society;
  •  works for popularization of the activity of the National Section in an international aspect.

Members: Margarita Vidralska, Tsveti Radeva, Yulia Salanovska.

Youth commission

  • represents the NS at youth forums in Bulgaria and abroad;
  • consults the Executive board about youth questions;
  • coordinates its activity with similar governmental and non-governmental organizations in the area of culture, education and tourism in Bulgaria and abroad;
  • assists the popularization of the CIOFF ideas among the youth.

Members: Atanasya Boradjieva, Adelina Arsheva

Financial commission

  • works out an annual budget and financial report;
  • consults the Executive board about financial questions.

Members: Emil Pavlov, Stiliyana Yorgova, Petar Parvanov.


Legal Commission

Members: Silviya Decheva, Elena Baleva

Cultural commission

  • organizes and coordinates its efforts with governmental and non-governmental organizations with similar activity by the implementation of cultural events in Bulgaria and abroad;
  • works out projects and applies for outside financement at donor, contributor, governmental and non-governmental funds and organizations;
  • works and represents the foundation in common initiatives and contacts with similar governmental and non-governmental organizations in the area of culture, education and tourism in Bulgaria and abroad.

Members: Agripina Voynova, Alexandar Petrov, Ivan Donev, Ivan Todorov, Todor Djidjev, Yulian Stanev.






Spring meeting - Sector South Europe and Africa




37-th CIOFF World Congress



 The President of CIOFF Bulgaria Mr. Emil Pavlov receives the Flag of CIOFF from the President of South Africa Mr. Makhentule Pitje

  The President of CIOFF Bulgaria Mr. Emil Pavlov hands the Flag of CIOFF to Dr. Roumen Rashev - Major of V.Tarnovo for the 36-th Congress

  April 21, 2006 - The Visit of Secretary General of CIOFF - Philippe Beaussant in Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo for Control of the Organization of the 36-th World Congress in V.Tarnovo

  April 20, 2006 - Interview with Secretary General of CIOFF - Philippe Beaussant in Bulgarian National Radio. Guests in BNRadio - Philippe Beaussant, Stiliyana Yorgova and Tsveti Radeva

 Emil Pavlov the President of the Festival and Chairman of the Bulgarian National Section of CIOFF Bulgaria and  the Minister of Culture Prof. Stefan Danailov